Anke Meier

Art Direction
Editorial- and Brand Design
Projectmanagement|Journalistic Work

I was born in Dortmund, a city at the heart of the Ruhr area. Growing up, I spent my time reading, drawing, and people watching. At the age of 15 I obtained an internship in a graphic design studio. At that time everything was still analogue, which I really liked. After my A-levels I wanted to work on TV series: being at a different location everyday seemed so exciting. A year later a new chapter in my life began with an apprenticeship as a media designer. After completing my certificate I applied to study journalism and was accepted, but decided to return to where my journey began: I graduated from Mainz with a diploma in Communication Design in 2009.

I have always been a passionate collector of magazines; they contain everything that I love dealing with: photography, journalism, design. My work is now focused on developing magazines and creative management. With the publication of my own book in 2010, Dich ohne Schminke – Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet, I realised one of my dreams. Happily, it sold out.

After having lived in Mainz and Berlin, I now live and work in Hamburg.

– Editorial Design
– Lookbooks
– Development
– Concept
– Coordination
– Research
– Project Management
– Journalistic Work

– Apprenticeship as a media designer, 1996-1999
– freelance work, 1999-2003
– Study of Communication Design at University of Applied Science, Mainz, 2003-2009
– Dipl. Designer, 2010

– Balko TV-Series, wardrobe&props
– Blotto Design
– Indishape Agency, Marketing
– M23 Fons Hickmann

– Blotto Design
– Bread and Butter Fashion Fair
– Goldrausch Art Project
– Gruner&Jahr Publisher
– Love it Green Boutique
– Loved GmbH
– M23 Fons Hickmann
– Mutabor Design, 2010-2011
– Onyx Musictelevision
– ringzwei
– Selectny, 2012-2013
– Spiegel Publisher
– Staatstheater Wiesbaden
– Stadtlichh Magazine
– Vgrfk Designstudio
– Vitruv Publisher

– Avantgarde, Sales Promotion
– Luups Publisher, Book Publication and Exhibition
PENG Association, Co-Founder

– Dich ohne Schminke: Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet, Interviews
GEO Special Magazine, Interviews
– Luups Publisher, Managing Editor&Copy
– Tm3 TV, editorial department

– Artkiosk Ruhr Area
– Blota Blota
– Café Chill‘r

– ArtVent
– Co/Pop
– Handverlesen
– Juicy Beats Music Festival
– Unter Hundert
– Vrstck
– Zeche Zollverein
– Zeltfestival Ruhr