Anke Meier

Art Direction
Editorial- and Brand Design
Projectmanagement|Journalistic Work

Idea, Concept, Design, Photography, Artwork, Interviews, Marketing, PR, Sales
Volume 196 pages | Format 20×25cm | ©2010 Anke Christina Meier

“Dich ohne Schminke – Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet” is the title of Anke Christina Meier’s book. The content focuses on individuals’ interview responses. For the interviews she drove through six cities and spontaneously asked people about their lives: On the one hand, what is the charm of living there? Or on the other hand, what makes the place unbearable? Moreover, one can also find out interesting facts. The title is a fragment from the song “Bochum” by the german singer Groenemeyer, and, at the same time, the theme of the magazine. Anke Meier portrays the raw Ruhr Area, and expresses its unique characteristic not only in the content but also throughout the book’s entire design. Not only is the structure fragmented but also the typography, artwork and photography, with much love for detail. Color is not used in the book except in the beginning and the middle part where the content is printed on green paper. The middle section forms the backbone of the book, which was chosen on purpose, so that step-by-step you experience the emotions as you turn the page and find a collection of reasons to stay or to leave.